Christian Speaking

Ministry Presentations

Strings Attached Retreat

A partner to her book of the same title (see resources), this presentation draws on team building exercises, Improvisational comedy and heartfelt stories to bring about a deeper understanding of God’s desire for our relationships. This is a three session, two day retreat format. 

Living Life with Strings Attached

The tenets of Strings Attached Relationships boiled down to a 30 or 45 minute presentation.  Using story and scripture to impart the importance of covenant relationships to other women, this presentation is perfect for your ladies luncheon or tea.

All Princesses Need a Posse

As Daughters of the King of Kings we all face a terrible villain who hates us for who we are in Christ, but we don't have to fight the battle alone. In this 30 minute presentation, discover what God's word says about the beauty and strength of his Princess and his design for our friendships.

Safety of the Princess: Embracing the Gift of Fear

Using her story of surviving a knife point attack, Cari encourages women to embrace the God-given gift of female intuition to keep God’s Princesses safe.  This is a fantastic presentation for young women and youth groups.

A Tale of Two Girls

Exploring her journey to faith in comparison with a friend who came to faith at a young age, Cari uses her story to bring the Parable of the Prodigal to life.

She’s Got Spirit

A Presentation developed exclusively for Inspired Girls, International, Cari uses her personal stories and stories from scripture to highlight the most vital element to success in this world, personal relationship with God.